Kalmec Export AB

With over 30 years of trading experience in the Middle East

Kalmec Export AB

Polhemsgatan 1, SE-392 39 Kalmar, SWEDEN
Tel: +46 480 859 00
Fax: +46 480 172 50
E-Mail: HQ@kalmec.com

Countries we work in

Bahrain-flag2 Bahrain

Lebanon-flag2 Lebanon

Iraq-flag2 Iraq

Qatar-flag2 Qatar

Jordan-flag2 Jordan

Saudi Arabia-flag2 Saudi Arabia

Kuwait-flag2 Kuwait

UAE-flag2 United Arab Emirates

egypt Egypt

iran Iran

oman Oman

Product leaflets - Untha

We always strive to improve our performance and service. Therefore the information quoted is for general guidance only and subject to alteration of specifications and equipment details.
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Industrial Shredders RS30, RS40

Download here


Industrial Shredders RS45, RS50, RS60, RS100

Download here


Plastic shredders LRK1000, LRK1400

Download here


UNTHA shredding technology - Imagetrailer


UNTHA Wood shredding